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Redneck Parents Ethnic Story PG 8
Ebonics Math Test Ethnic Story PG-13 8
Chinese Man Ethnic Story PG-13 8
Fairy Tales Ethnic One Liner PG-13 8
So What are you Smuggling Ethnic Story PG 8
So you want to be a Cowboy? Ethnic Story PG-13 7
Vocabulary Ethnic Story PG-13 7
Hunting with the Wife Ethnic Story R 7
Ebonics Ethnic List PG-13 7
Every Ethnic Ethnic List PG 7
Redneck Sex Test Ethnic List R 7
Ghosts Ethnic Story PG-13 7
Hind Lick Ethnic Story PG 7
True Southerner Ethnic List PG 7
High School Math Exam Ethnic List R 7
Polish Wedding Ethnic One Liner PG-13 6
GAT (Gangster Aptitude Test) Ethnic Story PG-13 6
Top 10 Redneck Wedding Signs Ethnic List PG 6
True Meanings of Asian Names Ethnic List PG-13 6
Mexican Olympic Team Ethnic One Liner PG 6
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