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Algebra I Mid Term Exam

Ebonics Version

Directions: Make sho yo be putting yo name on the upper right hand comer. Don't be axing no dumbass questions an keep yo shifty mothafuckin eyes on yo own sorryass papers.

Number 1. (25%)

Elon and Tyrell bot want to meet fo lunch. Elon's home be 5 mile north of Tyrell. If Elon leave at 10:30 bookin bout 3 mile per hour while Tyrell, who have one coolass bike, ain't not departin till 11:00 zoomin bout 20 mile per hour, what time be Elon axing Tyrell for a bite of fiied chicken?

Number 2. (25%)

Yolanda, she be 11 year older than her daughter Carinda. Carinda have a bitch Carmel who haf her age. In how many years be Carmel haf as old as that ugly ass ho Yolanda?

Number 3.(40%)

If Leroy axes Marvin fo 10 gram of 60% coke an Marvin ain't not got nothing but 8 gram of 80% and some ol 20% shit, how much of the cheap stuff be Marvin mixing up so Leroy can go off the hizzie?

Number 4.(10%)

Lenwood and Keshawn jus lifted one gross of basketballs offa Kmart. If studly Lenwood can dunk fo mo balls per minute than Keshawn, how long be these bros slammin and jammin fo they be needin suh mo balls to play wif?

Extra Credit:

Which number, A or B be bigger? Make sho you shows all yo work. 20

A.The total number of hos Wilt Chamberlain and B.B. King be sleeping wif

B. The number of yard OJ done ran fo in his best season timeses the number a cuts he be putting in that no good honkey bitch Nicole afta catchin her wif a guy what ain't got no goddam mothafuckin rights be ridin roun wif OJs car

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