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Spice Girl Replacement Candidates

1. Cher or Madonna [Old Spice]

2. Jewel or Dolly Parton [Spice Rack]

3. Cindy Lauper [Freaky Spice]

4. Courtney Love [Scarier Spice]

5. Marilyn Manson [Scariest Spice]

6. Pamela Lee Anderson [Silicon Spice]

7. Monica Lewinski [Gagger Spice]

8. Ellen Degeneris [Muncher Spice]

9. Anne Heche [Licker Spice]

10. Shannen Doherty [Nutty Spice]

11. Hillary Clinton [Bitchy Spice]

12. Anna Nicole Smith [Shallow Spice]

13. Christina Applegate [Brainy Spice]

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