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Gator Bait!

Twas the 22nd of November, up in Gainesville
The whole Swamp was a roaring, no one could sit still;
The Seminoles came in all pompous and sassy 
Planning to take a title back to Ol' Tallacrappy;
Their taunting banners were hung with great care, 
Certain St. Bowden would answer their prayers;
Chanting and chopping, wearing yellows and reds
While visions of a national title danced in their heads;
With Steve in his visor, and Bobby in his cap 
Gators and Noles hunkered down for a furious scrap;
When up from the Gators there arose such a clatter 
I sprang from my seat to see what was the matter!;
My eyes glued to the field, I shed a brief tear 
and a Nole sitting near me threw up his beer;
For what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a BIG PLAY Gator offense...and seminole FEAR!;
With our coach in his visor and on the attack 
I knew in a moment our offense was back!;
More rapid than eagles, QB's swapped in the game 
He coached and he shouted and called them by name;
Now Brindise! Now Johnson! Now Brindise! He schemed 
To Quezzie! To McGriff! To Taylor and Karim!
The Noles title hopes vanished, I seem to recall 
They began to dash away, dash away, dash away all;
A strong Gator O-line finding it's niche 
Collins! Blachshear! Kalich, Piller and Ritch!
Fred Taylor was awesome, running swift, running hard 
Scorched the Noles for four touchdowns, and 162 yards;
The Gators defense was fierce, applying great pressure 
Delivering sacks by George! Rutledge and Chester!
The secondary covered tough, causing Noles hopes to drown 
Huge plays by Weary, George, Williams and Brown!
D-line and backers played mighty, closing up holes 
Goal line stands for the ages, forcing field goals;
With a big run late, the Noles hope to embarrass 
But no sir, they stopped'em, thanks to Mike Harris
Noles led with two minutes, thought they'd make us eat crow 
Till Dougie hit Quezzie on a huge curl-and-go!
Fred Taylor's last run, and the Noles season of promise 
Was chomped into pieces, and picked off by Duane Thomas!
St. Bowden was crushed, and his big round belly 
Shook when he cried, like a bowl full of jelly.
As the Noles fled the Swamp, it was soooo sweet to hear 
All of them crying:  "Just wait 'til next year!"

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