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The Visit of St. Nokia

Twas the day after New Year's and all through the state All the Noles fans were crying: The Gators felt great! The Noles were all decked out in yellows and reds, While visions of 12 and 0 danced in their heads. Coach Bobby, equipped with his number one ranking Expected to give number three a good spanking. He figured to rule from the opening snap, But his team took an unscheduled long winter's nap. While from the far bench came a growl and a chomp, The sign said "New Orleans", but this was The Swamp!

And what to our most grateful eyes should appear But the Longhorns and Buckeyes in Orange and Blue gear. From UF's first drive to the game clock's last tick, Twas not just the flu-stricken Noles that were sick. Their teammates and fans who had hoped to score plenty, Had to settle, at length, for a score of just twenty. Meanwhile, 'cross the gridiron, the Orange and the Blue Set a Sugar Bowl Record, they scored fifty-two.

On Offense! On Defense! On Coaches of Gators! On legions of face-painted Seminole Haters! On Wuerffel! On Hilliard! On Taylor and Green! Throw out of the Shotgun! Run out of the screen! On Linemen! On Place Kickers, Punters and Backs! All capitalize on what FSU lacks. Catch Kick-offs, cause fumbles, watch out for the blitz! Don't dare let your quarterback suffer late hits! And each time you guys get your hands on the ball, It's dash away, crash away, smash away all!

In the end, Heisman winners stand out in the crowd! The coach and his quarterback, humble yet proud. And I heard them exclaim, 'ere they passed from our sight, "The vote comes tomorrow. This has been a good night

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