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This is the FBI summary of a conversation that took place this week between President Clinton and Ashley, a brand new intern in the White House.

Ashley walked into the White House for her first day of her internship and was greeted by the President. After a short tour of the White House the President asked, "How would you like to see the Presidential Clock?"

Ashley looked troubled and said "I don't know Mr. President. I have heard some pretty bad things about you. I don't think that would be a good idea."

"Nonsense" said the President. "It's just a clock." Ashley agreed and the President led her into the Oval Office where they were alone. He closed the door, dropped his pants, and pulled it out. Ashley gasped.

"Oh that's not the Presidential Clock, that's the Presidential Cock!"

To which the President responded, "Ashley, honey, once you put a face and two hands on it, it's a clock!"

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