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Jimmie Carter, Ronald Reagan, Geroge Bush and Bill Clinton stood in
front of the Great OZ.

Carter steps forward.

OZ:   What would you like today?
Carter:     I would like courage.
With a great puff of smoke, Carter was given the courage to tackle any

Reagan steped forward.

OZ:  What would you like?
Reagan:  I would like some brains.
With a great puff of smoke, Reagan was given the brains to solve and
remember many great problems of the day.

George Bush was next.

OZ:   And for you?
Bush:   I would like some heart.
The puff of smoke came and went, Bush gushed with heart and compassion
for his fellow man.

Clintion was left.

OZ:   And last but least, What would you like?
Bill looked to the left and then to right and whispers, "Dorothy around?"

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