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One morning the farmer woke up, got dressed and walked outside. When he got outside he found his favorite cow Betsy lying dead. The farmer was so upset. He decided at that moment that there was no point in living so he drowned himself in the well. Then his wife came out and saw her husband dead and drowned herself too. Later the oldest son came out and was about to drown himself too until a mermaid came from beneath the water and said, "If you fuck me 15 times good, i'll bring all your loved ones back to life."

So the boy goes 14 times strong and on the 15 time, nothing comes out so the mermaid kills him. Then the middle son comes out and does the same as his older brother. The mermaid comes again and says, "If you can fuck me 20 times good, I'll bring your family back to life."

So the boy goes 19 times strong, and on the 20th time, nothing comes out. Then the mermaid kills him. Finally the youngest son comes out and sees everyone dead. He goes to kill himself until the mermaid comes again (The youngest is about 9). The mermaid says,"If you can fuck me 30 times good, I'll bring all your loved ones back to life."

So the boy replies, "30, 40, 50 times no problem." The mermaid says prove it.

Finally the boy replies, "How do you think the cow died?"

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